Abdi has the chance to beat TB -
but more children need your help

End TB in Somalia

For a child like Abdi, living in Somalia, the biggest fear isn't violence or hunger. It's tuberculosis. Where families live hand-to-mouth, a trip to a far-off medical centre and expensive treatment can be luxuries. So children are living with - and dying from - a virus that is both preventable and treatable.

We can stop this. We've already set up 72 specialised treatment centres, helping children and families receive the long-term treatment they need.

But too many children are still dying. These centres can't reach everyone. We believe all of Somalia's children should be free from the fear of TB. So we plan to set-up one specialised centre per 100,000 people - that's another 28 clinics.

Together we can stop TB killing Somalia's children.

Please donate now to help us save more lives.

• £250 can keep a trained TB nurse in a treatment centre for one month, carrying out vital tests and check-ups.

• £500 could provide a month's worth of professional care and treatment from a qualified doctor.

• £1,000 could build a new treatment centre and staff it with a specialist doctor for the first month, if 11 generous people each give this amount.

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