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“These brave

and resilient


are valuable,

they are


Help them be all
they were made to be

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Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn

supports World Vision


Watch Jerome's full video below

Watch as Jerome Flynn listens to four children talk about the reality of life with armed rebels.

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“I pray for all the help that these children are receiving, but also that more is done to reach all children in desperate need of our help.”

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Children like those Jerome met don’t have time to wait – they need another chance today. With your help, we can protect them from a life of violence and despair.

“I met some incredible young people whose stories will stay with me forever. Young girls who were snatched by armed groups and forced into slavery. They’re made to witness atrocities, and to carry out acts themselves.

“They knew that if they refused, they might be thrown into a hole in the ground and left there for the day, beaten and whipped or raped, or forced to get pregnant."

 “It’s been incredible seeing first-hand the impact that donations are having on these children’s lives, but also the lengths World Vision will go to bring an element of balance and normality and wholesomeness back into these children’s lives.  Not only keeping children safe and protected, but reminding these brave and resilient youngsters that they are valuable, they are worthwhile, and bringing joy and laughter back into their lives.”

With your support, we could help more children to process everything they’ve been through, and provide education and vocational training so they can create the future they deserve.

For nearly 70 years, World Vision has been transforming the lives of vulnerable children and communities in almost 100 countries worldwide. Over the last five years, we’ve impacted the lives of more than 200 million children by tackling the root causes of poverty.
Today, with your help, we can reach and protect even more.

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