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Millions of Syrians at risk as UN access threatened

Millions of Syrians could starve and die if the UN Security Council does not renew this resolution allowing humanitarian organisations to deliver life-saving aid, World Vision warns.
Syria remains one of the most devastating and … from Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria’s … to ensure millions of Syrians have access to

No ordinary hero: Grandmother Ahlam protects Syrian refugee children 

Grandmother Ahlam fled her home in Syria. Now she protects Syrian refugee children
Syria. … rising costs for basic food items is pushing Syrians to the depths of … but a Syrian child’s dream is to seek refuge under a … what I document on a daily basis. I am a Syrian

Art exhibition launches to raise funds for World Vision's coronavirus appeal

Drawn Together, curated by the gallery Unit London, celebrates the return to a simpler life during lockdown and a new-found appreciation of helping and togetherness.

Facing coronavirus in refugee camps: "You can't run from this"

How can you maintain social distancing in a camp of crowded tents? How do you wash your hands regularly when the queue for the water point is long?
ago after the war shattered their home in Syria. During the coronavirus … most Syrians’ lives have changed drastically.  From … Syrian families have hardly been able to catch

Coronavirus: World Vision launches largest ever humanitarian response

World Vision has dramatically scaled up its emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the virus continues to spread rapidly around the world.

Protect children from coronavirus

from coronavirus.   Families living in Syrian refugee camps have already escaped from


Together Amen - June 2020
still recall the bombing in Syria and how scary it

Coronavirus: World Vision launches £64m global response

International aid agency World Vision has launched a £64m aid plan to help millions of the world’s most vulnerable people defeat coronavirus.

Coronavirus: World Vision welcomes UN’s global response plan

World Vision welcomes the UN’s COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response plan, launched today (March 25).

Coronavirus: Plans for a unique humanitarian response

Isabel Gomes, World Vision's Global Director of Humanitarian Operations, shares how World Vision is responding to the coronavirus outbreak.
Syria or South Sudan are likely to face

New analysis reveals scale of destruction and displacement in Idlib

New satellite imagery and analysis by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Save the Children and World Vision show how children are experiencing unbearable suffering.
Syria experiences the worst humanitarian crisis in … end to the crisis and rehabilitating Syria’s lost generation of children. The UN

Hundreds of thousands in northwest Syria caught in humanitarian catastrophe, aid agencies warn

As hostilities continue to escalate in northwest Syria, eight aid agencies are today making an urgent call for an immediate ceasefire.
of the intensifying hostilities in northwest Syria. If this violence … attacks on healthcare facilities in Northern Syria. The first month of 2020 has seen this

World Vision welcomes repatriation of British orphans in Syria

World Vision welcomes reports of the repatriation from Syria of three orphaned British children. Innocent victims of war should not be punished for the actions of their parents.
orphaned children will be repatriated from Syria to the

World Vision joins 14 aid agencies warning of humanitarian crisis in North-East Syria

Civilians in north-east Syria are at risk and humanitarian aid could be cut off following the launch of a new military operation in the area, leading aid agencies are warning.
Syria are at risk and humanitarian aid could be … forced to flee their homes at least once in Syria’s unrelenting war. According to UN … Syria. The

World Humanitarian Day: Karate champion empowers Syrian refugee girls in Jordan

This World Humanitarian Day, we honour the women who work on the front line of their own communities in some of the most difficult places. This is Qamar Al-Kurdi's story.
Qamar dreams of creating a Syrian refugee girls karate team one day. She … is Jordanian and based in the Syrian refugee camp Azraq. The camp currently has

World Vision seeks sponsors to give girls in poverty a fighting chance

International children’s charity World Vision UK is looking for people to support the movement for gender equality by sponsoring1000 girls in developing countries.
a karate project for Syrian refugee girls and a project to support

Idlib crisis: Thousands of pregnant women and babies at risk as they flee deadly violence

Thousands of pregnant women, vulnerable infants and young children are fleeing the bombardment of Idlib in north-western Syria, World Vision warns today.

Statement: Demolition of Syrian refugee homes in Lebanon

Statement by World Vision and other NGOs following the demolition of refugees' homes in Arsal.
the context of deteriorating conditions for Syrian … built by Syrian refugees using materials other than timber

World Vision responds to 'terrifying' attacks in Idlib

Children in Idlib are experiencing terrifying bombardment and violence, with reports that dozens of children have been killed in the last two months.
may lead to the worst humanitarian crisis in Syria’s

Demolitions in Lebanon: at least 15,000 Syrian refugee children will be made homeless

At least 15,000 Syrian children face homelessness as their homes in Arsal, Lebanon, are scheduled for demolition.
Syrian children face homelessness as their homes … built by Syrian refugees using materials other than timber … Syrian families and see as many as … disturbed by the loss of their homes in Syria. They should not have to watch their homes