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Child sponsorship in Tanzania: Elizabeth's story

What's it like to visit the child you sponsor? Elizabeth Bowes headed to Tanzania to visit Jeni, the child she sponsors through World Vision UK.

The Walkers meet their sponsored child

To be able to visit our sponsored child Timothy had been a dream since we began sponsoring him, but now we were realising that dream.

"What an amazing day!" The Paterson family meets their sponsored child

When we realised that we were going to be spending the summer in Uganda, it made sense to organise a trip to visit the child we sponsor there (through the charity World Vision).  We sponsor a child for each of our children and this one is C2's special buddy.  We were hoping that this visit would inspire some more dedicated letter writing and appreciation of what we were actually achieving in sending the sponsorship money each month.  The day did not disappoint!

Building friendship and a better life in Zambia

Andrew and Mia recount their recent trip to Zambia, where they visited their sponsored child Moreen.

5 reasons to sponsor a child

How to achieve all New Year's resolutions in one simple move. Feel great, help others, form positive relationships and sponsor a child today.

Mountains never meet, but friends do

Amy, a World Vision UK sponsor, travels huge distances across Tanzania to meet a special little girl, Maria, who she's sponsored for over nine years. In her blog, Amy shares about her wonderful day meeting Maria and her family.

Our week in Tanzania: Tears, Laughter and Inspiration

In the summer of 2016, Michael and Janet Butler travelled to Tanzania with a group of sponsors, to meet Ester, their sponsored child and to see how their monthly donations are bring put to good use.

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.

Tanzania - Unexpected Riches amid the struggle

Nigel and Sue Hodder, lovely World Vision child sponsors, recently visited the Kilimatinde project in Tanzania – a community facing poverty but so rich in character. Nigel shares their experience with us.

A truly life changing experience - meeting Akash

Pam Agius, a World Vision child sponsor, recently came back from a group trip to India where she met her sponsored child, Akash. Here she shares about the special experience she had.

Four Lessons from Ethiopia

Tim Bousfield travels with a group from Hitchin Church to visit and say a final farewell to the children they have sponsored for years in Addis ADP in Ethiopia

Beyond Words: Meeting Nisha in India

Catherine Hatton recently travelled to Patna in India as part of a group sponsor visit, to meet Nisha, who she sponsors through World Vision. Read all about her experience here.

Food and Farming: Ugandan style

Read about World Vision ambassador, Robin Hart's week in Uganda, visiting her sponsored child as part of a group visit. Here she talks about her experiences farming in the UK compared to what she learnt in Uganda.

A day I'll never forget - meeting Preeti in Patna

Sarah Woods recently travelled to Patna in India as part of a group sponsor visit, to meet Preeti, who she sponsors through World Vision. Read all about her experience here.

“Can you visit in December and make me the happiest child”

Sue Tinney, a World Vision child sponsor and busy Ambassador, heads to Senegal to meet her sponsored child, Laurent, and his community. Read all about her experience here.

Girl Power in Zambia

Tassie Frost enjoys a week visiting the work of World Vision in the Keembe region of Zambia.

Meeting Adrian in Bolivia

Joanne Blair, with her sister Linda, travelled accross Bolivia to meet her sponsored child, Adrian, in the mountainous community of Tacopaya where World Vision UK are working.

A Snapshot of Cambodia

Trudi Cotton recently joined our first World Vision group sponsor trip to Cambodia to meet her sponsored child, Lin, and see the projects she supports. She shares a few of her favourite photos with us here.

Overcoming obstacles: a unique visit to Albania

Sue Lavender, a World Vision UK child sponsor, talks about overcoming the challenges associated with being deaf and blind, and going on a fantastic adventure to visit her sponsored child, Olsi and his family in Albania.

Meeting Gift in Zambia

Sally travelled to Zambia with her family to meet Gift, their sponsored child