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The Masterchefs of Melghat – Get their tasty recipe

On Tuesday we heard about the wonderful Masterchef competition in Melghat that produced some ingenious thinking from a group of women who created a healthy, nutritious rice pudding without access to livestock for milk. Today, we hear about how the programme is being expanded across Melghat and get the tasty recipe for the prize-winning soy milk Kheer.

The Masterchefs of Melghat

Known for its high cases of malnutrition, the Melghat region of India became a focus for World Vision India in devising an innovative and engaging technique for beating the odds: a Masterchef contest between villages.


The latest prayers of children and communities we work with in India.
for changing fear into hope. Prayers for Patna


Patna and Vaishali.

Children Speak about Monsoons and High Hopes in India

Steve Richards, World Vision UK Children's Communications Specialist, shares stories from the children of India about monsoon season.
but here in a slum in Patna ADP the rain brings very different

Indian Sponsored Children proclaim “Education is our Right!”

Steve Richards, World Vision UK's Children's Communication Specialist, is in India hearing stories from the children of their desire - no, their RIGHT - to education.