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Lives fractured by the floods: India’s monsoon survivors

First hand accounts of India's monsoon response

 Night passed and a new day dawned in Patna where a meeting was … only patch of land connecting Darbhanga and Patna. Houses and fields lay ruined by the

Sponsorship brings Uttam friendship and hope

Our Children’s Communications Officer, Lauren Vail, travelled to India and had the great privilege of meeting Uttam, a World Vision sponsored child.

A helping hand in India

We recently met with three families in India and spoke about the challenges faced relating to ill health, disability and debt. Struggling financially and unable to provide the amount of care required for their unwell family members, each day was a struggle. This was until World Vision India offered a helping hand...

The joy and importance of education: Literacy Boost in India

On World Literacy Day, we're looking at our Literacy Boost programme in India that's giving children like Sakhi a helping hand at school...

Remembering Mother Teresa: Inspiration as a teenager in Kolkata

On the eve of Mother Teresa’s canonisation, World Vision’s Tracy Shields reflects on how her own experiences in Kolkata and with this amazing lady, helped inspire her to do the work she does today...

Winning against the odds

16-year-old Satyajyoti had to cycle for three hours a day across challenging terrain to get to school, and because of this, was often too tired to study. With help from both World Vision India and the local community, roads have been built and the journey to school has been made much easier. Tuition classes supported by World Vision India have also been helping Satyaiyoti excel in his studies.

For the love of the game: increasing girls' access to sport in India

At a stadium in northern India, home to many successful athletes, Arshdeep dreams of one day competing in the Olympics. The 15-year-old discovered her love for badminton at a World Vision children’s club, and now, feels much more confident about her future…

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.

Seeing empowerment and change in Patna, India

World Vision's Celia Donald recently travelled to the Patna, in India - a slum community that has benefitted from our support for the last two and a half years. She met children who felt empowered, whole communities who felt confident in standing up and making themselves heard, and a resilience programme that was helping people make healthy livings and prepare for disasters...
World Vision UK I enter the Patna slum community with a sense of excitement at … India is working with 30 slum communities in Patna and has been walking alongside this

A truly life changing experience - meeting Akash

Pam Agius, a World Vision child sponsor, recently came back from a group trip to India where she met her sponsored child, Akash. Here she shares about the special experience she had.
all the other sponsors. The journey to Patna was the beginning of the adventure with the

Bringing hope to children like Nishu

11 Nishu is 11 and lives in a village in Patna. For children like

Beyond Words: Meeting Nisha in India

Catherine Hatton recently travelled to Patna in India as part of a group sponsor visit, to meet Nisha, who she sponsors through World Vision. Read all about her experience here.
recently travelled to the Patna community in … the wonderful World Vision team at the Patna office we then drove through roads packed

A day I'll never forget - meeting Preeti in Patna

Sarah Woods recently travelled to Patna in India as part of a group sponsor visit, to meet Preeti, who she sponsors through World Vision. Read all about her experience here.
and constant noise of Patna I tried to consider and make sense of all

Mother Language Day

On Mother Language Day, we explore how World Vision's literacy programming has made a lasting impact on the reading skills of children in Dumka, India – a community where many children used to struggle with basic reading and writing. Thanks to a mixture of reading clubs and community participation, young learners like seven-year-old Shanti are now not only enjoying reading, but growing in confidence at school.

An Unforgettable Day in India

Philip and Sally travelled to India to meet Saloni, their sponsored child.

Back to School in India

As children across the UK return to school this week, we reflect on the stories of sponsored children living in countries where something we take for granted is far from certain. World Vision believes that primary education is both a basic right of every child, and the surest way to help a poor community lift itself out of poverty. But in the world’s poorest areas, education is often overlooked.
explains Tara. The sponsorship programme in Patna has also helped Tara receive treatment for … to fund an intensive education project in Patna to help ensure that stories like Pooja’s and

What is life like on "the other side"?

A blog written by Chahak, a 9th grade student from Chennai and part of World Vision India's 'Youth Ambassador' programme. Youth Ambassadors are young people from more affluent backgrounds who are given the chance to understand more about the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. Chahak visited a project that works with the most vulnerable children in the community to help them gain access to education, improved sanitation and food security.

"I Could Make Six Bracelets In A Day": The Life Of A Child Worker

Sonali started making jewellery at the age of five in order to support her family. Today's blog from our colleague in India shows us how your support helped share Saonali's journey from working crafting jewellery to going to school.

The locals in India thought I was Queen Elizabeth...

World Vision supporter, Brenda, contacted us to say she'd like to see her sponsored child, Sachin, and undertook a trip to one of the hottest parts of the world.
was the city of Patna. … below the poverty line. We arrived at Patna airport to a huge crowd and fanfare.  Alas … a week. Into the Slum After a night in a Patna hotel we were collected the next morning and