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Desperate to eat: Malawi in the grip of El Niño

As El Niño-related drought sweeps through Malawi, Flora and her family have become increasingly desperate in their attempts to feed themselves and their three children. Before World Vision could distribute maize in her community, Flora’s family had resorted to eating seeds usually fed to birds. She describes the situation they, and many other families, are facing…

Emily can smile because she has a brighter future

Emily is 15 and lives in a rural village in Kayezi with her

Preparing for the worst

World Vision’s Bert Smit travels to Malawi to visit the Area Development Programme that has been supported by World Vision UK sponsors since 1997. Speaking with community members, many express concerns at the erratic rainfall due to El Nino, leaving them with crops that will not grow. Discussing solutions to the problem, such as drought-resistant seeds, Bert speaks with the community to see how they can better prepare themselves.
Families in Kayezi traditionally grow

El Nino Update

In 2016, the recurring El Niño phenomenon is expected to have its strongest effect for 50 years. The 2015-2016 El Niño may have passed peak season, but its influence will continue to be felt through weather systems across the world and throughout the year.
affected the southern part of Malawi. Our Kayezi south to help support families in need. In Kayezi ADP we worked with partners including the

Visiting Kettie in Malawi

12-year-old Davina recently went on a sponsor visit to Malawi along with her parents and 8-year-old sister, Damaris. The family had a chance to see their sponsored child, Kettie. Here is a short blog of their visit written by Davina:


The latest prayers of children and communities we work with in Malawi.
Prayers for Kayezi Alias is 17 years old and was born


to the children and communities of Kayezi programme.

Dancing, Mud Huts and Dreams in Malawi

Lisa Blunt, a World Vision Child sponsor, blogs about her recent trip to Malawi and all of the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that came with it.