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Cyclone Idai

Donate You can still give to the Cyclone Idai Appeal to help the most vulnerable children … us in prayer For those affected by the Cyclone Idai and

Cyclone Kenneth: World Vision on standby as second cyclone bears down on Mozambique

Aid agencies in Mozambique, including World Vision, are on stand-by to respond to a potentially lethal cyclone – the second to hit the country in two months.
Cyclone Idai hit central … kilometres north of where Cyclone Idai hit and would require a second zone of … areas. Find out more about World Vision's Cyclone Idai emergency

Cyclone Idai: The future is uncertain for children like Paulito

Paulito and his family survived Cyclone Idai. Now they face major concerns for their future.
when Cyclone Idai ripped through the country. … responding to the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai. The charity will be focusing on

Cyclone Idai tears through Mozambique: Adelino's Story

Adelino has a beautiful smile, but when he speaks of Cyclone Idai which ripped apart his community - his world - his eyes betray the suffering he’s seen.
to flee his home when it was torn apart by Cyclone Idai. He remembers the sounds of the angry wind

Cyclone Idai: It’s a race against time to reach everyone

Homes, schools and hospitals have been violently ripped apart in Beira.
the fury of Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai: Crises can destroy children’s futures. We mustn’t look away

The full scale of the damage in Mozambique is unknown, but thousands of children are alone and vulnerable.
of Beira looks like a war zone following Cyclone Idai. Children help shift the detritus among

Cyclone Idai: Thousands of children alone and desperate in midst of catastrophe 

World Vision UK has reached the city of Beira, Mozambique which has been destroyed by the devastating Cyclone Idai
which has been destroyed by the devastating Cyclone Idai. 
World Vision is increasingly concerned

Cyclone Idai: Thousands of people could drown as dam burst risk looms

Hundreds of thousands of people "could drown" as dams in Mozambique and Zimbabwe could burst, following a devastating cyclone and flooding in southern Africa.
relief supplies to thousands of families. Cyclone Idai appeal … and Malawi since Cyclone Idai hit the region earlier in March. Children

Cyclone Idai: World Vision launches appeal following catastrophic crisis in Southern Africa

Children’s charity World Vision UK has launched an appeal to bring urgent relief to thousands of people affected by a devastating cyclone across Southern Africa.
a crisis now aggravated by Cyclone Idai. Destroyed infrastructure is complicating … to provide rapid aid. Dontate to our Cyclone Idai Appeal

Cyclone Idai Appeal

A tropical cyclone has devastated countries across southern Africa, with flooding and heavy rains destroying homes and lives.
To donate by phone call 0800 012 1203  Cyclone Idai Appeal … World Vision Mozambique Cyclone Idai swept through

World Vision ready to respond to devastating Mozambique cyclone

Emergency supplies have been rushed to Mozambique, where World Vision is preparing to respond to devastating Cyclone Idai.
is preparing to respond to devastating Cyclone Idai. At least 21 people have been confirmed … Donate to our Cyclone Idai appeal