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Child sponsorship FAQs

on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Child sponsorship FAQs How it works What is child … How does child sponsorship cycle of poverty. Find out more about how Child Sponsorship works.   I just want to help a

Christmas Charities - How can I help charities this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for charity and generosity, and you can help those struggling this festive season. Find out how to help give children a Christmas this year.
them free from child labour and danger. Child Sponsorship means that you’ll be the child’s only … Child Sponsorship is a great gift to yourself or a family


overseas mission. This is Child Sponsorship with a twist

World Vision seeks sponsors to give girls in poverty a fighting chance

International children’s charity World Vision UK is looking for people to support the movement for gender equality by sponsoring1000 girls in developing countries.

The overwhelming joy of meeting the girl I have sponsored for a decade

Angela Farries travelled with children’s charity World Vision to Tanzania in November 2018
child sponsorship

How to Sponsor a Child

and bond. 1.      Using our simple child sponsorship search

Eyal Booker

both through child sponsorship and their emergency work. Every child

Back to school: From binding books to reading them

Day in and day out, 12-year-old Mohsin would work 10-hour shifts hauling around huge piles of books, desperate to know what was written inside of them.

Tania's story: Head of the family but still a child

Instead of going to school, Tania spent many of her days peeling piles of icy shrimp - squatting for eight-hour shifts at a local fish depot.

Survey finds huge drop in children’s letter writing

Half of British school children (48%) say they’ve never written a letter to a friend, reveals a survey by charity World Vision.
which runs child sponsorship projects across 19 … children. The friendships formed through child sponsorship often last into

Why sponsor a child

Why sponsor a child? 7 reasons why it’s one of the best ways you can change a child’s life and make a difference in the world.
long into the future. Learn more about how child sponsorship works.  As a sponsored child in

5 reasons to sponsor a child

School out and summer in full swing, we're set for those special moments, when memories are made, days are long and full of promise, to have new adventures and and make a difference in this world. But, realistically, can you find time to be positive, healthy, helpful and focussed on relationships, all at the same time? Well, it turns out the answer is yes. Find out how.
long into the future. Learn more about how child sponsorship works.  As a sponsored child in

Child sponsorship in Albania: Flavio and Amy's story

After two years of sponsoring and exchanging letters with Flavio, now 11 years old, in Albania, Amy decided to meet him and his family for the first time.

Child sponsorship in Tanzania: Elizabeth's story

What's it like to visit the child you sponsor? Elizabeth Bowes headed to Tanzania to visit Jeni, the child she sponsors through World Vision UK.

World Vision Weaves a Week for Women in Croydon

International charity World Vision is launching a Week for Women with a unique weaving event at Croydon’s Whitgift Shopping Centre on Wednesday 7 March. The week will celebrate women’s selfless contribution to families and communities in the lead up to Mothering Sunday this weekend.

The Walkers meet their sponsored child

To be able to visit our sponsored child Timothy had been a dream since we began sponsoring him, but now we were realising that dream.

Building friendship and a better life in Zambia

Andrew and Mia recount their recent trip to Zambia, where they visited their sponsored child Moreen.

Gift of Hope

life of her community transformed through child sponsorship. HOW TO GIVE THE GIFT OF HOPE Child … growing up over the years. We believe child sponsorship is the most effective and rewarding way to

Sponsorship brings Uttam friendship and hope

Our Children’s Communications Officer, Lauren Vail, travelled to India and had the great privilege of meeting Uttam, a World Vision sponsored child.