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children across the globe are victims of child labour of children subject to child labour are aged … their education. 6. The highest rates of child labour occur in Africa at

Child Labour

Child labour involves work that deprives children of … child labour can have detrimental effects on a child’s … made to work.     The Worst Forms of Child Labour The worst forms of child labour can

How modern slavery is destroying childhoods

World Vision UK's Erica Hall on the crisis of children who are forced into horrifying exploitation.

Made for More

Children are at risk of losing their innocence, their families and their hope. Living in impossible circumstances, they desperately need your support right now. Your gift can protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Thank you for giving what you can.

Ending child labour - for good

The £12.5 million announced by the UK Government today for ending the worst forms of child labour is really good news for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.
today for ending the worst forms of child labour is really good news for some of the world’s … but there are millions more kids affected by child labour and violence in emergencies all over the

World Vision leads new programme to eradicate child slavery in East Africa

A four-year programme to eradicate child slavery in three African countries launches today, International Day for the Abolition of Slavery (December 2).
other government officials to help tackle child labour at a national level and bring perpetrators … scheme to help children rescued from child labour. provision of

Back to school: From binding books to reading them

Day in and day out, 12-year-old Mohsin would work 10-hour shifts hauling around huge piles of books, desperate to know what was written inside of them.

Tania's story: Head of the family but still a child

Instead of going to school, Tania spent many of her days peeling piles of icy shrimp - squatting for eight-hour shifts at a local fish depot.

Boris Johnson, phone booths and crazy weather: London through the eyes of Bangladeshi teens

Two youth leaders from Bangladesh - Al-Amin Bepary and Tanzim Tabassum Tithi - spent one week in London, taking part in the Commonwealth Youth Forum earlier in April.
including early marriage and child labour. Their community work is supported by World

Modern slavery commitment: “Do not forget children in emergencies”, World Vision urges UK government

World Vision UK responds to the latest commitment by the UK government to help eradicate modern slavery in the Commonwealth.
and DFID. UN experts will determine where child labour is taking

The young people fighting for change in Bangladesh

World Vision Young Leader Tanzim Tabassum Tithi writes and discusses the issues children face in Bangladesh and the change they're making.
marriage. We also are working against child labour

Thousands of refugee children in Bangladesh at risk of trafficking, exploitation and abuse

Thousands of children are at risk of being trafficked, sexually abused or exploited in Bangladesh’s refugee camps, international children’s charity World Vision warns today.


World Vision UK (WVUK) is a child focused international relief, development and advocacy non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to working with children and their families, communities, local and national authorities and governments to achieve the best outcomes for children. WVUK has a zero-tolerance stance on acts of modern slavery and human trafficking or on any breach of our Ethical Policy and will not condone any such action by its employees, agents, representatives, contractors, suppliers or consultants. WVUK takes transparency very seriously and is committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within its business and supply chain. Our Ethical Policy is integral to all supplier contracts and sets out the overall standards surrounding human rights, child labour, discrimination, corruption, bribery or other financial impropriety, legal compliance and ethical conduct with which our suppliers must comply.

Rising above poverty in Honduras

Hector Ramirez built his own micro-enterprise to pull himself and his family out of poverty. After receiving training and support from World Vision, Hector started a family business growing and selling coffee. His coffee is now sold in three communities in Honduras and will soon expand into a further two.

Tools for school - vital materials for children affected by Child Labour in Afghanistan

Growing up with a father addicted to drugs, Negina, 12, from Afghanistan, was forced to work alongside her mother from sunrise to sunset to provide for her five younger siblings.
children around the world are involved in child labour. It can be damaging to their health and … the ages of five and 14 are involved in child labour

Brussels Conference: World Vision warns children are fighting the war in Syria

International children’s charity World Vision has today warned that the recruitment of children into militia is rising in war-torn Syria.
Reports of cases of child marriage and child labour are also on the rise. In a recent

The hopes and dreams of four orphaned children in India

We spoke to four orphaned children in India, currently hoping to be sponsored, to hear their hopes and dreams for the future. Read their stories.
or engaged in child labour. We stand by the world’s most vulnerable

East Africa Crisis Update

Tens of thousands of children could starve to death as famine, food and water shortages affect 22 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia.
pushed boys and girls into child labour and other dangerous ways of surviving.