World Vision UK urges local councils to house lone child refugees

World Vision UK urges local councils to house lone child refugees

International children’s charity World Vision UK is urging local councils across the UK to ‘pull out all the stops’ in finding homes for unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.

Today, the Westminster parliament passed a motion requiring the government to consult with local authorities on how many lone child refugees from Europe the country should allow in.

Tim Pilkington, Chief Executive of World Vision UK, says: “Hundreds of thousands of children fleeing the horrors of the war in Syria have ended up stranded on the shores of Europe. Tens of thousands are orphaned, living in squalid camps and surviving without their parents’ love and support. Sadly, many thousands of refugee children have already gone missing. No one knows into whose hands they have fallen and what fate awaits them.

“Parliament has sent out a clear message that the UK will at last play its part in giving sanctuary to some of these unaccompanied children. We now urge every council to pull out the stops and find homes for as many of these children as possible.”

“Over the last year, thousands of generous families have stepped forwards and offered to foster lone refugee children. There are no short cuts - all families must be checked to see whether they can provide suitable homes. But a collective national response to this humanitarian crisis could prove to be one of Britain’s proudest moments.

World Vision UK’s ambassador and actress, Natasha Little has backed the call for local councils to find suitable homes for refugee children.

The Night Manager star said: “On a recent trip to Serbia to see the charity's work, I saw for myself the desperate plight of many refugee children. We must all work together now as a nation to open our doors these innocent young victims of Syria’s war.”

Please give to World Vision’s Syria Crisis Appeal now.

For more information contact Henry Makiwa in the World Vision UK Press Office:

Phone: +44 1908244446| Mobile +44 (0)7469 154268 |  Twitter: @makiwahenry

Notes to editors

Last week, the Prime Minister reversed a government policy to refuse sanctuary to lone child refugees stranded in Europe in the face of mounting pressure. However, he avoided saying how many child refugees the UK would accept. The UK government has set no time limit for identifying how many refugee children the UK can accept.

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