Parliament SDG reports: World Vision calls for the UK government to put greater focus on needs of the children

A report published today has warned the British government that its approach at developing an action plan to implement the sustainable development goals (SDGs) has been insufficient, slow and disappointing.

Welcoming the recommendations of the International Development Select Committee’s latest report, World Vision UK has lamented the government’s lack of focus on children’s issues and has called for the UK to produce a strategic cross-government plan that outlines a clear path to achieving the SDGs. 

Peter Keegan, Government Relations Manager at World Vision UK, said: “The committee’s excellent report is a challenge to complacency. We note that the pledge to ‘leave no-one behind’ must translate into concerted efforts to reach children who are in a crucial phase of physical and mental growth. This should also address young people who are experiencing or are at risk of violence and children in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

“We know already that healthy, cared for, educated, safe and engaged children have the best chances of becoming productive adults and of contributing to equally healthy, peaceful, productive societies – the essence of sustainable development,” Keegan explained.

The 17 SDGs were adopted by 193 countries to tackle issues such as gender inequality, climate change, access to quality education and the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies at a landmark UN meeting in New York last September.

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