Statement in response to the escalating violence in South Sudan

In response to the renewed fighting that has broken out in Juba, Jeremiah Young, World Vision South Sudan’s Policy, Advocacy, and Peacebuilding Advisor said:

“World Vision is deeply concerned by the escalating violence in and around Juba. The situation has deteriorated over the weekend and we are worried that it will continue to worsen. The citizens of Juba and those living in protection sites for the displaced across the country are extremely concerned for their safety. We urge all parties to urgently do all they can to calm the situation and prioritize the protection of civilians.

"We are especially concerned for the well-being of children who as we know are especially vulnerable, physically and emotionally to conflict and insecurity. World Vision is currently working in South Sudan with hundreds of thousands of displaced people across the country, which includes the tens of thousands of individuals currently seeking shelter in the Juba Protection of Civilians (PoC)," said Young.

"We have seen first-hand the effects conflict has on children – who suffer disproportionally from the hunger, malnutrition, poverty, loss of shelter, and education that conflict causes. In addition to the physical effects of conflict, children are emotionally harmed by what they experience and witness.

"It is World Vision's belief that despite this challenging time, South Sudan has a bright and abundant future, and if given the chance to experience peace and stability, the people of South Sudan will actively contribute to building a healthy and prosperous nation for their children, families, and communities. We again urge all individuals, local and abroad, to do all they can to calm the situation, so that the children of South Sudan can experience life in all of its fullness.

"World Vision will do what it can do work with its partners such as the World Food Programme in providing relief to those in need," added Young. 

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